What the DFM report should contain.

May 20, 2022

Latest company news about What the DFM report should contain.

The quality of plastic moulds also affects the cost of plastic moulds. To make good plastic moulds, DFM making is very important. Last time, we described the content of the DFM report of plastic moulds, which is only part of it. Next, FORWA will continue to add two points:

  1. The ejecting method, ejecting position, parting line position, mismatch requirements, appearance requirements, as well as the engraving information of the plastic parts should be put forward in the DFM report.

  2. Although the plastic mold has DFM, however, no man is wise at all times. Therefore, in the DFM report, there should be a plan for uncertain content. The more detailed the DFM content of the plastic mold, the more factors to consider, the subsequent processing will be simpler, the change after the test mold may be less. In the process of making DFM, the frequency of interaction with the customers will be very high. Therefore, the process of making DFM is also a process of understanding customers' demands for products, so as to avoid running counter to customers' demands and leading to customers' complaints. Even lose the trust of customers.