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The plastic gear mold processing knowledge

Gears are widely used in automotive, industrial and consumer electronic parts. According to product requirements, gear material can choose plastic, metal and powder metallurge. Plastic  gear related to plastic mold, Forwa engineers share their knowledge of plastic gear mold processing.

The plastic gear mold processing knowledge
  1. If the gear material is plastic, it has advantages

  1. Light weight

  2. Suitable for mass production

  3. Low cost

The disadvantage is,

  1. In the early stage, mould cost should be invested

  2. Long lead time, generally 25-30 days to produce sample

  1. If the plastic gear is a cylindrical spur gear, the die insert can be processed by wire cutting  

  2. The size of the plastic gear is related to the gear modulus(M).When the plastic mold core is cut by wire, the wire diameter used is related to gear modulus. If the modulus is small, the outer diameter will be small, and the wire diameter used will be small. At present, the smallest wire diameter on the market is 0.015mm

    The plastic gear mold processing knowledge
  3. If the plastic gear is helical gear, there are two kinds of processing methods, the first method is wire cutting. The premise of this processing technology is that the gear gradient is not large, up to 15°. And the accuracy can only be below JGMA5 level. Another processing method is discharge processing, the motor must have a 3-axis linkage function, at the same time, but also with the helical gear electrode discharge processing matching, electrode knowledge for future introduction

  4. The mold base of plastic gear mold requires high precision and multiple positioning to ensure the concentricity of plastic gear

  5. Plastic gear mold materials should also be selected well, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, conducive to processing and better surface accuracy after processing. Switzerland Assab S136 material generally is used.

The knowledge of plastic gear mould processing is very rich and profound. Interested readers can pay attention to the official website of Forwa Precision Industrial Technology Co., LTD.(