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Why do Forwa select top performers and prize them?
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, the epidemic has been repeated repeatedly, making it very difficult for many small and medium-sized enterprises to operate; shrinking orders, unstable employees, and poor management of workers are problems that have always plagued business operators. How to break the deadlock? The business operators are constantly looking for solutions. A good choice is the construction of corporate culture, one important part of whose is the selection of outstanding employees. Here are some benefits of this solution:

Why do Forwa select top performers and prize them?

1.Shows Forwa’s core values;

2.Appeals to more talents by the incentives;

3.Find the talent, promote the talent and keep the talent;

4.Give fully play to the employees’ initiate, participation awareness, improve their sense of the ownership and promote their self-management abilities.

5.Give the employees a direction to work harder and work with enthusiastic.

Forwa has paid much attention to construct the corporate culture, and prize the outstanding employees every month under the principle of the fairness and equity. At the award ceremony, Mr. Chen hopes that outstanding employees can make persistent efforts and make extraordinary contributions in their ordinary positions.