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Plastic products, plastic gear production process to use plastic mold, plastic raw materials, injection molding machine, mold temperature machine, dryer, manipulator and other equipment. When the equipment is fixed, the factors that affect the quality of plastic products are injection molding parameters. Next, the engineer of Forwa Injection Molding factory will share the knowledge of injection molding parameters.
What are the parameters of injection molding? - Forwa Injection Molding Factory
1. Injection amount refers to the weight of the plastic melt injected into the mold cavity by the screw of the injection molding machine during injection. The weight of the product is different, the amount of injection required is different, the tonnage of the machine is different, and the amount of injection is different.

2. Injection speed refers to the speed at which the molten object is injected into the mold cavity. Different structures of plastic products require different rates of injection.

3. Injection pressure refers to the pressure of the molten object into the mold cavity. The injection pressure is related to the machine and the structure of plastic products. Too much pressure will cause the product to appear batch front, and too little pressure will lead to the lack of glue.
4.Holding pressure and holding pressure time, in order to let the melt solidify in the mold cavity, the screw will continue to give the cavity a certain time and pressure after the completion of the injection. This pressure is called holding pressure. This time is called the pressure retention time. The holding pressure and holding time should be determined according to the product structure.

5. Mold locking force, in the injection stage and pressure holding stage, the mold cavity will produce a reaction force, leading to the parting surface of the mold is separated, so, the molding machine table to give a certain closing force, to ensure that the parting surface of the mold is not separated.

6. Baking temperature and baking time, many plastic materials need to dry, remove the moisture, to ensure good appearance of the product. The baking temperature and time of different materials are different.
What are the parameters of injection molding? - Forwa Injection Molding Factory
7.Cartridge temperature, melting temperature of different plastic materials is different, plastic materials in different positions of the cartridge, the set temperature is also different.

8. Mold temperature refers to the temperature of the surface of the mold cavity in contact with the product. Mold temperature affects product size, appearance, and molding time.

Injection molding is a complex process of physical change, and the 9 elements shared above are more important. Welcome injection enthusiasts and Forwa engineers technical exchange.