Forwa outstanding staffs in October

November 15, 2021

     In order to better stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work, fully mobilize employees' enthusiasm and initiative, and correctly guide employees' career development direction. Forwa selects outstanding employees every month to give awards and honorary commendations. The following picture shows a group photo of outstanding employees in October 2021:

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     Among them are the manufacturing group of the mold department, the production group of the injection department, and the assembly group of the micro motor of the transmission department...
In order to meet the mold delivery period, the manufacturing department does not hesitate to stay up all night and work overtime to deliver the finished mold products to the customer's satisfaction; in order to increase the production capacity of the injection department, the operators actively help other colleagues to pack the products while completing their own work; The delivery time of the miniature planetary gear motor is tight. In order to be able to deliver on schedule, all department staff work overtime almost every day until ten o’clock in the evening, and insist on working overtime on Saturday and Sunday to keep up with the progress. They moved the team with the spirit of not complaining. It is their conscientious and hard-working spirit that has made Kehua what it is today. From mold manufacturing to injection molding production, to the development and assembly of miniature geared motors... Progress!
Excellent employees make excellent teams, and excellent teams make high-quality products. Forwa will definitely get better and better!